Instrumentation testing and instruments calibration; Testing and start up Electrical in electrical panels and substations

We perform Electrical tests, Instrumentation and Mechanics. We commission assembly systems with the best level of quality, satisfying our clients and guaranteeing a perfect functioning of all their Equipment and Instruments. We have a specialized team of highly qualified Engineers and Specialized Technicians.
Here is a list of Power Testing / Testing:


  • Pressure transmitters, Temperature, Flow, Level, among others.
  • Manometers,
  • Pressure switches,
  • Thermostats,
  • Thermometers,
  • Thermocouples,
  • PT-100,
  • Level switches,
  • Calibration and maintenance in safety valves, control, manual, among others,
  • Among others.


  • Tests on low, medium and high voltage panels,
  • Power transformers, potential and current,
  • Cables,
  • Disconnectors,
  • Circuit breakers,
  • Calibration and parameterization of relays;
  • For lightning,
  • High voltage bushings,
  • Reactors.

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