Maintenance and Calibration of Industrial Valves

Calibration and maintenance services on control valves, pressure reducing valves, shut-off valves and traps

  1. Calibration and Maintenance of Control Valves,
  2. Maintenance of Pressure Reducing Valves,
  3. Lock Valves Maintenance (Drawer, Guillotine, Globe, Male, Sphere, etc)
  4. Holding Valves
  5. Handling of Traps
  6. Calibration and Maintenance of Safety Valves and or Relief
  7. Online Calibration in Safety Valves

Reform Services, Preventive Maintenance, Calibration, Parts Manufacturing, Start Up, Assembly and Disassembly of the process.

Services can be performed at the client’s premises or in our laboratory. POWER TEST IS SPIRAX SARCO AND HITER AUTHORIZED TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE.

Any questions about our Industrial Valve Maintenance?

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    Mobile Laboratory

    In addition to the sale of products and the execution of services in our laboratories, we also execute services in your facilities

    Service throughout Brazil

    We have a specialized team and a mobile laboratory with capacity to attend companies throughout the national territory